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            Skipper Ken Cox passed away on May 13, 2014

 Many of you are unaware that our long time Skipper, Ken Cox, passed away suddenly on May 13, 2014, of heart failure.  Ken managed much of the Arlington Association functions and as a result, not only did we lose a dear friend, but we’ve had to assume those responsibilities.  One of these is preparing the Arly Times and distributing it’s publication to all of you.


The attachment is Ken’s last edition which he was preparing to distribute just before his untimely passing.  I’d like to add that not only did we lose Ken, but we also recently lost Chuck Geiter, an early member and contributor to the Association, as noted in this edition, to cancer. 


I regret that it took so long to forward this edition and we’ll try to prepare and forward the next edition shortly.


As always, if anyone would like to add anything of interest to the next edition, forward your submission to .


Our next reunion is scheduled for Las Vegas (see the article in this edition) and look forward to all of you getting your registration’s completed and sent in.  This seems to be a struggle every year so let’s do this early and get ready to enjoy the company.  Any questions should be forwarded to Mike Ferderer @   There’s no award to the last one who submits their registration, so let’s not delay.


Ben Baker, Admn USS Arlington AGMR2 Association